Digital Locker Security System in Pakistan

Digital Locker Security

Everything appears to be getting digital in today’s world. This is true not simply in terms of how we communicate and gather data. It now includes the equipment we use on a daily basis to perform our jobs. Smart electronic devices that can be controlled via an app are one example of such technology. Do you want to improve your company so that it can better serve your customers? It could be time to upgrade to digital security locker.

One of the most effective ways to secure your house or business is to use digital locks. Keeping and conserving your spare cash, valuable jeweler, and unique data in a single secure area is a major hassle. Sometimes you desire a secure area inside your house where you may keep valuables close to hand and avoid unnecessary trips to your busy bank.

What is a Digital Security Locker System and How it Works?

The combination dial of a mechanical safe locker can be spin to enter a combination. The correct combination unlocks the door by aligning the lock’s tumblers. It’s straightforward, yet it works.

Digital locks are more advanced than traditional locks. Digital safe locker function similarly to traditional locks, but they can be unlocked by inputting a four- to six-digit combination on an electronic keypad. The keypad runs on a battery. When you enter the proper combination, the mechanism engages and the handle turns, allowing you to unlock the safe’s door.

Digital Locker Security have a Number of Advantages:

Purchasing a digital safe locker, which is a more high-tech choice, has several advantages. Digital Security locker installations have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, reliability, and security. Consider the following Pros and Cons.


  • Simplicity of Use

For fire/burglary safes and gun safes, digital locking technologies are the most user-friendly. They’re simple to operate and eliminate the need to remember a combination or maintain track of a key. Instead, a safe locker can be configured with an easy-to-remember keycode that can be altered if necessary. Most safes have a light on the digital keypad, which makes it easier to use in low light.

Mechanical safe lockers, on the other hand, are difficult to operate since you must rotate the dial precisely to get the combination correct. For some safe owners, this can be challenging. It also takes longer to turn a dial. Even if you get the combination right the first time, this method takes longer than an electronic lock to open the safe.

  • Reliability

Digital Security Locker are more resistant to wear and tear than traditional locks, and they last longer. They’ve also progressed significantly over time, and they’re now just as reliable as classic mechanical safe lockers.

Check your safe’s UL rating to see how good the lock is. The hardware industry considers UL-listed safe lockers to be the gold standard. This mark of certification denotes that the lock has undergone extensive performance and reliability testing.

  • Additional Protection

Digital locks are the industry leader when it comes to added security features. With current features such as:

Dual Controls — In order for this feature to work, it must have two separate combination entries.

Digital Security locker with Dual Token Mode provide double the security.

Time Delay Options — You can set your safe to only open after a short delay, which helps to avoid burglaries.

If you are ever robbed and someone tries to force you to open the safe, you have the option of triggering a silent alarm that alerts police.

Time Period Settings — You can programme an digital safe lock to open only during specific hours, such as when your business is open.

Wrong Try Functions – After a certain number of incorrect code entries, this setting will automatically disable the safe’s lock.

One-Time Use Codes — The digital lock on some models can provide a temporary or one-time-use code to open the safe.


  • Cost

We must consider costs when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of digital vs. mechanical safe locks. Many people looking to buy a safe consider the price to be a decision factor.

Mechanical locks are the norm in the majority of industries. While a particular company may provide a few safes with digital locks as standard, the majority of safes will begin with a mechanical dial lock. Then you can upgrade to a battery-powered electronic lock, but you’ll likely have to pay a premium for it.

  • Battery Replacement.

Digital safe locks, like any electronic devices, will require their keypad batteries updated from time to time. Even if the battery dies, you may rest assured that the digital lock will remember your combination. In addition, if the battery power is getting low, the safe lock will offer you some form of early warning. Learn more about your device’s requirements and notification system by reading the owner’s manual.

Now, here are some considerations to make before making a purchase:

  • It’s all about scale. Purchase a durable, space-saving model. You may not desire a massive one hanging over your sleeping comfort. Something hidden in a closet could help you feel more at ease and orderly.
  • The locker should be resistant to both fire and water.
  • Make an informed decision based on your finances and budget.
  • They have to be easy to use. Others require a password and are controlled by retina or laptop connectivity. As a result, choose based on your level of comfort with technology.
  • Because you may not want to move your furniture, it must be robust, built of high-quality steel and thick sheets. These are really secure lockers, and the digitalization feature is incredible, keeping your belongings away from prying eyes. The password is your trump card, and the non-volatile memory overrides the password by remembering it even when the battery is low, providing you with double protection and security.
  • Fixing it inside a cupboard keeps it hidden, and you may lock it as well, making your safe even more secure.

Digital Security Locker Price in Pakistan 2022

FASTWAVE is delighted to offer you this service. It is used to keep valuables such as cash, jewels, firearms, and papers in workplaces and residences and is operated with a finger print by entering a pin number on a keypad, making it much safer and more convenient than a manual safe. Please visit FastWave for more information about the price and features.


Is it safe to keep your belongings in digital lockers?

Lock picking is possible with many mechanical lockers, but digital security lockers are even safer because the lock is not accessible. Setup of burglar alarms is also simplified with electronic safes.

With a dead battery and no key, how do you unlock an digital locker?

You can’t physically open this type of safe unless it has a backup power supply. Hold a 9V battery (such as the ones found in smoke detectors) to the connection points of your keypad to provide enough power for it to input your code.


To summaries, a digital smart lock improves convenience by removing the need for keys, allowing one to lock and unlock their home remotely, and requiring only a single application on the smartphone to control the locks. It also makes things safer.

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