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Cash Counting Machine Price in Pakistan

Cash counting by hand can be a time-consuming task. Are you fed up for count cash again and again? Here is a solution to your problem is, a cash counting machine. Currency counting machines were designed to increase efficiency in the cashier and reduce human error. Note counting machine is a fast, user-friendly, cost-effective, and highly accurate method of money counting.

How to Work or Use cash counting machine ?

The currency counting machine or CCM is one of the miracles of science. The CCM machine works on the principle of the breath of the bundle of the currency and there is a roller that has rods in a continuous pattern and the roller moves these rods at a particular speed. The speed remains constant like in the ATM. And this roller moves on the bundle of the currency and just move out to the single currency one by one at a constant and high speed.

Key feature

  • Floor-type compact portable, and easy to move.
  • Heavy-duty machine.
  • Special note dust collection filters.
  • The user & environment is friendly.
  • High-speed operation.
  • Automatic start /stop function.
  • Count number verification.
  • Alarm from the aborted count.
  • Adding mode (optional).
  • How to protect your business from counterfeit currency notes
  • Fake currency notes affect the bottom line of businesses, trades, and economics. They like germs that slowly spread the whole system and infect it.
  • The business owner must prevent it at any cost from entering their system, because these notes damage the creditability of their business in the mind of customers, especially if these notes pass to the customer during cash traction.
  • How can a business owner avoid fake currency notes? Installing a fake note detector machine on the cash counter is the most reliable way to stop the flow of counterfeit notes in transactions.

Fake note detector machine? Are these not for counting the notes? Yes, they count notes. But, they do more than that. They can deduct the counterfeit notes easily from the bundle. So, if a note is hidden anywhere in a bundle of notes, the note cannot escape your eyes – the machine will discover it and show it to you. so, you need not count twice or three times to be sure they are in the right number and are real. If a customer comes to you with many notes, you can count all the notes within a few seconds and separate the counterfeit notes with a note detector machine.

So, it will speed up the transaction process and in the time you deal with 1o customer you will be capable of dealing with 40,50 customers instead. Moreover, the machine will allow you to count, categorize and separate different bills, so the financial transaction will be accurate.

Looking for a way to save time in your business

A currency check machine is an ultimate investment in the business that experiences a high cash flow daily.

Here are just a few of how a currency check machine can help you save precious time.

  • Many cash counter machines can count both notes and coins on the same device.. No need to worry about having two separate devices, saving your time and money are important things.
  • The cash counter can recognize and count tokens and coupons too. There is no need for your employee to slow down their service when it comes to discount items such as coupons, cash counting machine will accurately include their value in their high-speed counting process.
  • Significantly increase accuracy, ensuring that time is not wasted on recounting or cash discrepancies.
  • Speed up the end of shift counting both you and your employee will be delighted with the amount of time that can be saved with the use of a money counting machine.
  • Everything is just done with one machine, NEWWAVE machine has an on-screen total amount that is constantly updated as it counts, and meaning the use of a calculator or other equipment is not required.

Last but not least, your valuable cash can be banked faster. No need to wait around until your end-of-day takings can be banked. With the use of the NEWWAVE cash counter, your taking will be ready to go within a matter of minutes after the close of the day, which means an improved security standard for your business.

So do not hesitate to invest in your business. Cash counter not only saves time; due to their high accuracy, fewer mistakes mean an increase in profit too.

Cash counter machine for a retail business owner

The flow of cash in the retail business exists at a high rate and the target customer refers to paying cash for making a purchase. Are you managing such a business? You must know how important it is to serve the customer with the quickest cash process services. Sadly the manual counting of notes and coins is not the best solution for the cash management need. If you have hired several employees to do manual cash counting in your business, you should switch to a note counting machine for faster processing.

If you’re still thinking about whether you should buy a reliable money counter, here is what you need to know:

  • Reduce cash loss with advanced machine

Advance money counting machines surpass human work inefficiency and also produce highly accurate output. Imagine an employee counting cash in a retail store. It would take a lot of time for him to count

Thousands of dollars. But a note counting machine can do the same within a matter of minutes or moments. Also, the accuracy of counting is higher.

  • Counterfeit deduction possible:

It is not hard to accept from a well-known brand like NEWWAVE can see and counterfeit notes even when human eyes cannot.

Safe locker

A safe locker is also a valuable thing for business. Here are some features of a safe locker

  • Convenient locker size: choose from a range of options –small, medium, and large.
  • Duel key security; one stays with you and the other with the bank.
  • Safety; branches equipped with a high-security feature
  • Ease location
  • Easy of payment
  • Multiple access
  • Nomination facility

The digital locker machine is safe, secure, and free. You can use it to store important and official documents such as educational certificates, birth certificates, PAN cards, and passports. The price of a digital locker machine in Pakistan is different according to the size of the machine. The NEWWAVE safe locker’s estimated price is started from 12,000 rupees to 165,000 rupees, it depends on the size and feature of the machine.

What to consider when buying a cash counting machine

Looking for a money counting machine for your store? Then check these features that we are going to mention:

  • Automatic self-testing

You must look at this in the machine. The machine with this feature does an automatic self-test whenever you switch on the machine. The result will let you know whether the machine working is fine

  • Error communication

This is the next important thing to notice. The machine must alert you in connection to an error message differently.

  • Bill thickness adjustment

You must look at the bill thickness adjustment in the machine. This will let you know what adjustment you should make to the machine for bills with different thicknesses.

  • Hopper size

The hopper size in the Note counting machine determines how many bills can be loaded at one time to be counted. If you have to count a large number of the bill at one time then you should consider a machine with a higher capacity hopper size.

  • Speed

Speed is another important feature to consider. Some machine enables you to set different speed to count the notes and process your bills. It is up to you with which speed you feel comfortable.

Best cash counting machine dealer in Pakistan

FastWave is the best Pakistan banknote counting machine dealer in Lahore and all over the Pakistan.


Do look for these features in the Cash Counting Machine You consider. Do proper compassion based on this feature and then make your decision. We provide the Note counting machine with the best quality and best price assurance. The price of money counting machines in Pakistan is different according to the size and feature of the machine. The estimated price starts from 14,000 to 235,000 for the cash counting machine.

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